Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blog Contributor - Ryan Kohler, MBA

About Ryan
Ryan has over 7 years experience providing Internet marketing and developing web-based software for companies in various industries and for different uses from e-commerce sites to lead management software. In his current role with JobMatch, he uses the Internet marketing tactics that are generally used by marketing departments to build tools that help employers source applicants via the Internet. The goal is to not just tell employers and HR staff about new ideas, but to instead build them into their current systems and process so they happen automatically without creating more work for the HR department. Ryan holds a B.S degree in Accounting and an MBA from Southern Utah University.

About JobMatch LLC
JobMatch LLC is a hiring software and marketing company specializing in helping employers better manage and track their hiring process. A core focus of the company's products and services is to go beyond just tracking applicants and provide additional tools to help employers attract more qualified applicants to their jobs. This includes use of search engines, .jobs domains, job feeds to alternative job boards and social networking sites, as well as employee referral programs. Along with targeting different areas of the Internet to increasing applicant flow, JobMatch also helps employers to target specific segments of their applicant pool such as the Gen X and Gen Y crowds.

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